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The RVAS Uniform:
Students from Y7 to Y12 are required to wear the correct uniform. The uniform may be worn by older and younger students. All students who wear the school uniform are required to wear it properly at all times including:

1. On the way to and from School
2. In all classes
3. At breaks
4. On some school outings
Students wearing incorrect uniform will incur a uniform imposition.

 White polo shirt / or fitted white blouse
 Navy shorts (knit or drill)
 Or Navy Skort
 White skivvy in winter
 Taslon Track pants
 Plain flat-heeled shoes (3 cm or less) Black laced OR buckled.
 Sandals may be worn but WITHOUT socks.
 White ankle socks OR knee high navy or black socks.
Skirt length
 No higher than 6 cm above the knee

 Sky-blue polo shirt (Short sleeved)
 Plain mid grey school cotton drill shorts
 White or navy skivvy (Polyprops) in winter.

 Students may wear plain navy Taslon pants.
 Navy polar fleece vest or polar fleece sweatshirt with embroidered emblem.

 Plain black laced up shoes.
 Plain grey socks or with gold/blue band (to be worn pulled up).
 Sandals without socks.

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