Dates for Pet Day:

Thursday, 18th October Pet Diaries Due

Wednesday, 24th October for Indoor exhibits
Thursday, 25th October for Outdoor activities

Friday 2nd November Group Day.

Below you can download information for pet day, or extra copies of pet diaries etc that you may need extras of.

Our Pet Day is the second week of Term 4. The indoor events will be held on Wednesday 24th October with the outdoor events taking place on Thursday 25th October.
Schedules have been handed out – one per family. Pet Diaries have been handed out, a separate Marlborough Group Day Rabbit Diary is required if you are entering a rabbit. All pet diaries need to be completed and returned to school by Thursday 18th October.

For any new families to our school wanting more information please contact your class teacher or myself. It can appear a bit daunting!
Indoor exhibits can be brought to school on Friday 19th October and must be in by 12:40p.m. the following Wednesday. The hall will then be closed for afternoon judging.

Students, I hope you are rearing and training your pets for the big day! It would be great if lots of you could bring chickens, hens (last year’s chickens!), dogs, lambs, goats,
horses and anything else you can think of. There is an award for the most unusual pet. At least one Pet Diary is to be completed for those children entering one or more pet, it is optional for the second+ pets. If you are bringing a rabbit, there is a different diary. Download below or come ask me for one.

Lambs need to be born after 1st August. Check out the website forsome great tips on rearing, grooming and training your lamb. This will help you to keep track of what you need to do to make sure that your animal is on top form for show day!

Group Day will take place on Friday 2nd November. We like to encourage
our students to enter this traditional Marlborough event either with indoor exhibits or outdoor pets. It is open to winners over various sections from Years 1 – 8.

Please also check future newsletter, the school website and phone app for key information regarding Pet Day, which will be added to as we go.
Alternatively, if you have any queries please contact me at school. or 5716016